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Every business or person should have three consultants in there life right now. Accountant, lawyer, and a Techie!   I am pretty sure that you have computer issues all the time or some technology questions about the latest gadgets. Well I CAN  HELP YOU!!!   The name of my company is called itsNOD! It stands for information technology services & Networks On Demand!  We are a very unique company because we provide information, services, and social media activities 24/7!  Starting this Monday July 9th, I will be sending newsletters once a week about the latest trends in the hottest markets and industries that influence our lives everyday!  This newsletter will come from by blog site called NODBLOCK!  This is pretty much a open forum for discussions of all the latest trends in technology and marketing. We also mixed in other topics that is trending in business america. I am business man so you should expect this! Now you probably asking, “What services are you providing?”  Well, we providing quality computer maintenance/training, web development, and social media marketing!!  Each service has its own unique pricing model!!   So if you are curious about what this “NOD” thing is all about, follow me @itsnodbaby on twitter and check out my facebook fan page: itsnod all day all night!   

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Top 5 Lakers of all time……World Peace?

5. Jerry West- Although he’s the NBA logo, one of the greatest clutch performers ever. West only has 1 ring to show for. I understand going against the Celtics in the 60’s was tough but rings do matter

4. Shaquille O’neal- Shaq is arguably the moat dominate force to ever play this game. Shaq played on a few different teams with great young guards, let’s not forget

3. Kareem Abdul Jabar- To me I think he’s the most non appreciated player to ever play in the NBA. He’s the NBA all time leading scorer and has 6 rings. One with the big O and 5 with Magic. The sweetest shot ever, which was called “The Skyhook”

2. Kobe Bryant- One of the greatest competitors to ever play this game. His clutch moments in big games are amazing and crazy for fans to watch. Maybe the closest to Michael Jordan we will ever great. 5 rings is a lot when it comes to any sport

1. Magic Johnson- When you think of the Lakers the first thing that pops in people heads are Magic. He’s my number 1 Laker because Larry, Isiah, Jordan and Dr.J are those greats he had to go against to get his MVPs and rings. The competition in the 80’s and early 90’s were too fierce.

This is my top 5… What’s yours??Let me know on twitter @3mePG


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Charles Barkley comments…

The NBA lockout this summer loss a lot of fans, in my opinion. Charles Barkley comments about the NBA being a big disappointment this year maybe a little accurate. With quite a few stars missing televised games due to injury, NBA ratings are maybe not where they should be. The good thing about the compacted schedule is that there are some good games for true basketball fans…
I believe that the NBA loss some money due to the lockout but will be able capture some lost money and fans during all-star festivities and the NBA playoffs…
Next week I’ll be blogging while in New York… See you there

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Phil Gary top 10 dunks of all time

After seeing that spectacular slam, jam, thank you damn, by MR. Blake!  It inspired me to do a little research for the best dunks ever!!   Feel free to NOD to this:

1. Vince Carter over the 7 footer in the Olympics…

2. Michael Jordan over Patrick Ewing in the Garden…

3. Kobe Bryant dunk over Ben Wallace while a rookie…

4. Scottie Pippen dunks over Patrick Ewing then tells Spike Lee to have a seat…

5. Shawn Kemp dunks all over the Golden State Warriors and then points…

6. Vince Carter dunks on Alonzo Mourning… While Mourning jumps to block it, Vince bumps him then waits…

7. Kevin Johnson over Hakeem has to be the best little guard over a big man of all time…

8. Tracy McGrady over Shawn Bradley.. A wow moment!!!…

9. Baron Davis over AK47… Baron had those legs ready for takeoff…

10. Lebron James over Damon Jones. “Why Damon why??”

All these highlight dunks can be found on YouTube.

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Top 10 NBA Point Guards of 2011-2012

1 – Derrick Rose. His understanding of the game is becoming alot better and he’s really starting to play the PGposition great. Him being fast, athletic, quick and strong is the definition of a full package PG. May even be in some conversations to win back to back MVPs.

2. Chris Paul. The definition of a true PG. Pass first type of point guard that is a true leader and controls the game/tempo. Playing with Blake Griffin will make life a lot easier for CP3.

3. Deron Williams. The ultimate nightmare for other point guards. Shoot, pass and can post u up. Now you don’t hear from D.Will because of him being on the New Jersey Nets but be on the lookout for him getting traded and/or getting Dwight Howard. “Deadly combination”.

4. Russell Westbrook. Maybe the most explosive PG on the list. Russell is really learning how to play the position effectively. Sometimes Russell becomes a bit out of control and forgets to give the ball to the two-time NBA scoring champ.

5 Rajon Rondo. Another point guard that can dominant the game without scoring. A stat sheet stuffer at the point and the ultimate pest on the court defensively. Plays with 3 hall of famers but Rondo runs the team as good as any PG in the NBA.

6. Steve Nash. As his career comes to a end, he’s still a two time MVP. What if Nash can reunite with Mike Dantoniand help out Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire in NY? With all the great young talent of point guards out there, Nash gets overshadowed.

7. Brandon Jennings. Jennings is the only left handed point guard on this list. His up tempo and “playground” style of play is exciting. A score first point guard that scored a career high 55 points as a rookie.

8. Tyreke Evans. With Evans being one of the tallest point guards in the NBA, he uses his size to his advantage. His stats are down from his great rookie season but him and Demarcus Cousins can be a nice 1-2 duo for the future.

9. John Wall. After a great rookie season Wall is having a better season in his second season. Even though Wall team is maybe the worst team in the NBA he’s still exciting to watch. Can’t shoot it consistently but is only 20 years old. The sky is the limit for John Wall.

10. Jrue Holiday. One of the most underrated players in the NBA. Does so much for the 76ers and all he does is get better. Not the typical point guard but a hard nose player and finishes well with both hands. I look forward to see him climbing up this list through the season.



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New Season New Approach

Sup “NOD” heads!!  We are starting the NOD Block season with a different approach this year.  I am recruiting raw, uncut, and talented personalities to help me build my e-networking empire! My first draft pick comes from the western suburbs of Chicago. Ok, Oak Park!  His name is Phil Gary Jr. and he will be our Director of Sports Blogging/Basketball Specialist!  He will be posting his views and opinions about the world of basketball on the block and making “Boss” (in my Rick Ross voice) decisions in  the sports department!  We are looking forward to a solid year! No pressure nephew!!   NOd to that!!!!   Note: Check out his first post!

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Marketing is moving towards being totally customer driven.  At one point large expensive marketing firms dominated the game by selling their services to companies and managing marketing campaigns.  As time moved on companies began to rely on in-house professionals to manage and control their marketing budgets.  Currently a great deal of the mechanics of marketing are being orchestrated by front line unit managers, the people directly in contact with the consumer.  As we move forward with the growing popularity of  social media the actual consumer will have more influence on marketing than ever before.  Feedback about goods and services can be relayed almost instantly to the company and to other consumers that participate in the network.  Companies that intend to be successful must position themselves in the social media flow of information to recruit and maintain customers.


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Marketers are helping bottle water companies get doe!!!

I read this article and watched this video on yahoo finance about America’s love for Bottle Water. Numbers do not lie but people do. Let’s look at some statistics that just stood out to me: According to the International Bottle Water Industry, In 2009, America spent 21 billion dollars on bottle water. One 16oz bottle of water cost the same as much as water we use in our house everyday ($1)! We consume 1.25 billion bottle water a week. That is four bottles of water for every person that lives in America. Here is the most staggering statistic: We spend 29 billion dollars on our country’s water system! That means we almost consume more water than the system we maintain to keep water! Now what does marketing have to do with these numbers I have just announced. Alot! Bottle water companies understand how fear influences the choices that people make everyday. To generate sales, marketing strategists promote how bottle water secures a quality and safe taste compares to tap water. For years, the news have broadcast negativity on how tap water is becoming unsafe and doesn’t give you that pure taste that we expect. Companies capitalized on the opportunity and continuously send messages to their target market. Since people already feel bottle water is the highest quality of water tasting, marketers begin to create a culture of drinkers bases on their brand preference. For an example, if you are a fundamental water drinker, then you might like Ice Mountain, Aquafina, or Nestlie. However, if you are a boogee drinker than you might like Fugi or smart water. Water bottle companies are also marketing to the club scenes by designing upscale bottles that can cost you up to $10 to quench your thirst whiles doing the two step to T.I! Have you ever heard of VOSS..lol! Marketers continue to change the business models for so many industries and will continue as people get lazier with their research. NOD to that!! Damn I am thirsty!!!

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Email Marketing Championship Pre Game Show!!

Sharing my marketing tactics is one of my favorites. I love to discover some clever ways of grabbing my target market’s attention. One of my favorite marketing strategies ( especially for promotional events) is email marketing. I came across this article about the difference between  two of the most popular email marketing tools: I-Contact and Constant Contact. Both are the same, but have several differences that you probably never notice.  For the newcomers out there who are not familiar with email marketing, let me briefly describe this popular marketing trend. First of all, this is not a case of  composing a text and send it to your G-mail or Yahoo address book! This is simply a way to solicit business prospects via e-mail while using complex software.  Now NOD to this!


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